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Armed With Strength – Psalm 18:25-36 (Storms of Life)

Devotions for the storms of life

Read: Psalm 18:25-36

Key Verse: v32

It is God who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure.


What Does it Mean?

Even the strongest, most confident human being on earth is still immeasurably weaker than God. Once we understand this simple truth, and recognise our complete dependance upon our Heavenly Father, God is able to strengthen us, protect us and guide us when we’re facing tricky situations. He can’t help us until we recognise our own fallibility and weakness, and the futility of our attempts to save ourselves. But once we come into that place of acceptance, He can work in our lives – as David describes in this Psalm. He arms us with strength and keeps our way secure (v32); He gives us sure-footing and enables us to stand securely ‘on the heights’ (v33); He trains us for even the most difficult of battles (v34); He gives us a shield of protection and sustains us with His right hand (v35); and He provides us with broad paths so that our feet will not slip (v36). When we look at the imagery of these verses, we can put together a picture of the end result of trusting in God. Non-believers can think that believing and trusting in God is just a crutch for weak people, but the reality is very different. Believing and trusting in God is, instead, an access-point to strength, protection and guidance that allows us to stand tall and firm in any and every battle that we face. Trusting God isn’t a cop-out, meaning that we will be removed from difficult situations; it simply means that we gain courage to face those situations. David wrote this psalm from experience. He knew that his success and his strength came from God alone, and this enabled him to face his trials with confidence. We can face our trials with the same confidence, trusting in the guidance, protection and strength that God promises to us when we surrender our pride.

Bottom Line

Trusting in God keeps us mindful that whatever situations we may face in the course of our lives, He gives us everything we need to emerge triumphant. He arms us with strength and keeps us on a secure path – as long as we keep our eyes on Him. Look to our own strength or solutions, and we may waver off-course, but God can re-route us back to security when we recognise our dependance upon Him.

Journaling and Reflection 

  • Re-read verses 32-36. Which of these images of God’s assistance are you most comforted by or drawn to? Why?
  • Even the strongest, most confident human is immeasurably weaker than God. Why is it so important that we recognise our weakness and our need for God? Is this something you find easy or difficult?
  • Knowing his success and strength came from God enabled David to face his trials with confidence. How does dependance upon God change how you feel about and how you approach challenges you face?


Father God, thank You that You offer strength, protection and guidance to all those who put their trust in You. Help us to be humble in admitting our need for You, and help us to confidently face our difficulties, knowing that You will see us through. Amen.

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