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Triumphal Entry

Reading: Matthew 21:1-11

When we read about Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, it’s hard to imagine that less than a week later the same people who were welcoming Jesus as a King and praising His name would be crying out for His crucifixion. The reception that He received showed the respect that the people had for Him, so what changed over the course of just a few days? What made the people change their minds so quickly?

Whilst we cannot profess to know what went through the minds of the people of Jerusalem during that week, we can assume one explanation for their sudden change of heart: fear. Fear is a great motivator, and it is one of satan’s greatest weapons. The Jewish leaders, whilst under the rule of the Roman Emperor, still had considerable power and influence in Judea and over the Jewish people. It would have been a dangerous thing to oppose them. Furthermore, it is a much safer option in general to follow the crowd rather than stand against it. In some respects, people are a little like sheep. With the exception of natural leaders and rebels, many people are content to just go with the flow and follow the path of the majority.

That applies as much today as it did 2000 years ago. It is still hard to stand against a crowd and so much easier to follow the leaders. That is a danger point for Christians who are working and living in secular – and often anti-religious environments – and who would find it easier to go with the flow rather than stand firm in their faith. It is important, however, to stand firm, and to keep standing, which is why we have been given the armour of God as described by St Paul in Ephesians 6:10-18


Today, Father God, as we consider the welcome that Jesus received when He entered Jerusalem, help us to stand firm in our faith and not be tempted to “follow the crowd” into sinful behaviour. Thank you that we have received, by Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, a full set of armour that equips us to defend ourselves from the flaming arrows of the enemy. Father God, today, we pray a blessing over all those in our lives who are far from you and thank you that we are able to shine your light into their lives even if they do not acknowledge the source.

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